About Us

The Name - Our creator has been doing makeup for 5 years and views her clients as blank canvases; A place where she can accomplish a beautiful masterpiece with the direction of the client. She’s always viewed makeup as an artistry above all, but because her name starts with a K we had to switch it up a little ;)

The Kanvas -This brush holds many purposes, but best of all it’s for EVERYONE.  The diversity of people that can use this brush is what truly makes it one of kind. You do not have to be a professional makeup artist or even avid makeup user to have this brush. The Kanvas brush is for anyone who wants to simplify their beauty routine. You can blend a cream, apply a powder or buff a liquid all while holding the same brush.

The Kimberlina - Our creator is a self taught makeup artist born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with an entrepreneurial mind and a passion for beauty. After combining both of her passions, 3 years later she was able to create her masterpiece & she is excited to embark this new journey with all of you.